About HUB New York

There are a million and one ways to find transportation in New York City. Need to get across town? Jump on the subway. In a rush to get to work? Hail and cab and pray for no traffic.

But every once in a while comes the need for something better. Something more luxurious, or maybe even something bigger. Something that lets you travel for work, pleasure, and everything in between, in the company of others without having to worry about anything other than just sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the ride.

Enter, HUB New York.

Founded in July of 2015 in Brooklyn, NY, the brains behind this company wanted to bring a different level of ease and comfort to the world of transportation. Whether your precious cargo includes your family, your employees, or maybe even your work supplies, HUB New York has exactly the right passenger van rental for you, including:

Minivan Rentals

Our Chrysler Town & Country makes for the perfect vehicle to transport your family around New York City and the surrounding boroughs. With killer A/V features, comfort beyond belief, and the standard safety of a minivan, this rental option is a no-brainer for those with children.

Cargo Van Rentals

When you’re looking for a cargo van rental that won’t let you down, you choose the Ford E-250 Cargo Van. This choice ensures you’re getting the best cargo van rental for any business looking to transport cargo, merchandise, tools, or just about anything you can fit into this oversized cargo van. Known for its size and ability to function as a mobile workshop, this cargo van rental in New York City has everything you need to get the job done right.

Sprinter Van Rentals

With two sprinter van rental options at HUB New York, these Mercedes classics dominate in the world of transportation.

The Mercedes Sprinter Van provides ultimate comfort, flashy features, and all the space to travel large. A great choice for a mode of transportation to that big work event, corporate retreat or night out on the town with friends, this van rental seats up to 12 people and even boasts overhead storage bins for all your goodies.

The Mercedes Sprinter Luxury Van takes things up a notch, and then some. Traveling in this luxurious beast will have you feeling like you’ve already arrived at the party, with an 80-watt sound system and an inside height of 6’4’’.

SUV and Sedan Rentals

HUB New York offers a wide variety of SUV and sedan rental options, including:

Additionally, we provide you with multiple options to make your van rental process as easy as possible:

  • Vehicle delivery service for additional fee.
  • Interior/Exterior cleaning and disinfection after each rental.
  • Helpful staff, committed customer service and attention to detail.
  • Rental extras and accommodations available.

At HUB New York, not only do we go the extra mile, we’re with you every mile of the way.